Case Study

Case Study 34

Affinity Offshore core personnel originated from Quest Worldwide, a company with the same owners as Affinity which was based in the UK and later sold to Hertel Technical Services. Our personnel during QWW years made up the Lead Architectural & Site Coordination team for the prestigious high specification 110 person LQ & QU buildings, working for CB&I in London & Nexen in Heerema Hartlepool yard. Our team were heavily involved in the project for 3 years & the project set many new bench marks in the industry for exceptional LQ design.

Nexen Buzzard 120 POB LQ & QU

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100_0230 Buzzard Locker room bevarage point Buzzard locker room Buzzard Male Toilet buzzard recreation area L2 Dining Room 2 L2 Dining Room L3 - Meeting Room L3 - Quiet Room L3 - Video Lounge Level 2 - Coffee Area