Case Study

Case Study 06

Affinity Offshore recently completed the EPC, delivery & installation assistance for 6No. Technical modules for the Al Shaheen platform in Qatar. Affinity Offshore utilized our partner CIMC in Xiamen as a subcontractor for construction and classification approval to DNVGL 2.7-1 & Affinity Offshore undertook Project & Engineering Management & Coordination & Produced the Detailed Design, Installation Methodology and Assistance along with Coordination of all Offshore Structural and Service Hook Up.

Al Shaheen NOC & IRM Technical Modules Qatar

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1. WP2 1. WP4-L WP3-R - Fabrication Process WP3.4 -LOAD TESTING MODULE WP2 _ WP3-1 Lifting WP3.1 -LOAD TESTING MODULE wp3_a WP3.3 -LOAD TESTING MODULE wp3_b